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Landscape Tips

New Sod Care

We can provide tips on new sod care that cover the following topics: initial watering, mowing, additional watering tips and more.

Established Lawn Care

Please visit our Established Lawn Care page to get some more helpful tips to keeping a beautiful, lush looking lawn. We have information that covers topics such as fertilizing and proper mowing lengths.

Care After Planting

Not sure what to do after planting a yard full of great new plants, please visit our Care After Planting page that gives tips concerning: irrigation, mulching, fertilizing, pruning, and more.


If you have questions about irrigation or would like to learn more, please visit our page specifically regarding irrigation. There is more detailed info about timing during the different seasons. And the best time of day to water, plus much more!

Landscape FAQS

On our FAQ page we have a catalog of our more frequently asked questions. There is info about soil, tree growth, turf grass, and watering. Thank you for visiting our site!