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New Sod Care


Initial Watering: As the sod is installed, water all areas until completely saturated like a wet sponge. The initial watering is the most crucial. Proper watering will soak the sod to the point that the soil beneath becomes muddy. Most problems with new sod are due to insufficient watering. Following initial watering, sod must remain in a wet condition for 10-14 days.

Following Weeks: Continue watering as necessary to keep sod in a healthy condition. At this point, you want to lengthen the time between watering to establish deeper root growth. Keep an eye out for edges, small areas and strips along the driveway that are in danger of drying out. Your lawn is still establishing itself so give it lots of attention.


First Time: Your initial mowing should take place 2-3 weeks after installation.

  • Mow at an angle across seams
  • Mow at highest setting
  • Bag clippings
  • Water after initial mowing

When mowing, only cut 1/3 of the blade at a time. Roots can be severely shocked by exposing the crown and may take several weeks to recover. Grass that is properly mowed to its recommended height makes lawn care easier. It is more disease resistant, retains more moisture and can successfully compete with weeds and insects.

Watering Tips

Watering Tip #1:  Pull back a corner of the turf in various locations in the yard and push a screwdriver into the soil. It should push in easily and have moisture along the first 3 or 4 inches. If not, apply more water. Once turf is established, simply push the screwdriver through the turf to check moisture levels.

Watering Tip #2:  Make absolutely certain that water is getting to all areas of your new lawn. Corners and edges are easily missed by many sprinklers and are particularly vulnerable to drying out faster than the center portion of your lawn. Also, areas near buildings dry out faster because of reflected heat and may require more water.

Watering Tip #3:  Runoff may occur on some soils and sloped areas before the soil is adequately moist. To conserve water and ensure adequate soak-in, turn off the water when runoff begins, wait 30 minutes to an hour and restart the watering on the same area. Repeat the process until proper soil moisture is achieved.

Watering Tip #4:  Don’t forget that low spots in your yard may get extra drainage water from the higher parts of the yard. Be sure to keep this under control.

Watering Tip #5:  Soil type, weather conditions and time of year will effect the watering and maintenance of both new and existing yards. Seek proper advice for your specific needs.